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How to have the best glitter hair this festival season

paradisebeefI will come right out and say it- I used to loathe glitter. I called it the herpes of makeup. As a makeup artist it was always such a struggle to get it to lay where I wanted. The mediums I would have to mix it with were sticky or runny and I always wished there was something I could have in my kit that would be versatile for photoshoots. Something I could use for photoshoots, but put in the hair or use over body paint. With glitter becoming such a trend in the last year I decided to do something about it and I grabbed a few of my favorite skincare ingredients and got to work. A couple weeks later I felt the base was perfect and started adding tons of glitter and SPACEJAM was born!

The past few months have been so exciting because I’ve been able to see my product grow wings and take off. It’s caught the eyes of some of the best talent in LA and even wound up being featured by celebrity hair stylists at Coachella. I’ve had the luck of speaking to a few of them about what and how they used the products and am happy to share some alternative ways of making your own at home if SPACEJAM isn’t your…jam…

Here’s two ways to get seriously trendy glitter roots at home:

I. DIY with hairspray and craft glitter via @desiraecherie of @maneaddicts


  1. Bobby Pins
  2. BLAX Hair Elastic 
  3. Craft Glitter in Very Fine Gold or color of your choice
  4. R+Co Outer Space Hairspray
  5. Ouai Texture Hairspray
  6. Kardashian Beauty Metal Bristle Paddle Hairbrush

Steps via

  1. Spray hair all over using Ouai Texture Hairspray.
  2. Create a center part all the way down the back of the headspace_bun_030-728x517
  3. Brush one section to the top of the head with a Kardashian Beauty Metal Bristle Paddle Hairbrush, and secure with a Blax hair elastic. Repeat on the other section.
  4. Spray each pony with OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray and French lace the hair for fullness.
  5. space_bun_032-728x543
  6. Twist hair down into a bun and secure with French hair pins. Use your fingers to piece the buns out for fullness; leave the ends out for added detail
  7. Spray R+Co Outer Space Hairspray down at roots and sprinkle glitter as desired.space_bun_047-728x505

II. The holy grail of glitter – SPACEJAM by



SPACEJAM is a super concentrated glitter pomade that currently comes in 5 different color blends. You can apply it directly with your finger, or for more concentration use a hair color applicator brush or a synthetic makeup brush like Riawna Capri did at Coachella.

Products needed:

  1. Bobby Pins
  2. Small Clear hair bands
  3. SPACEJAM via
  4. Hair color applicator brush or synthetic paint brush 

Once you have your product, get creative! You can follow my video above or do whatever you want with it. SPACEJAM brushes and washes right out so you can be as glittery as you want not to mention it’s especially great for one night stands. #sparklepillows

Check below for inspiration and make sure to follow!

Riawna Capri of @ninezeroone and @beautycoach_com using paradise beef SPACEJAM 

Riawna Capri of @ninezeroone and @beautycoach_com used midnight society SPACEJAM 

Riawna Capri of @ninezeroone and @beautycoach_com used crystal tokyo SPACEJAM 

Riawna Capri of @ninezeroone and @beautycoach_com used seapunk SPACEJAM topped with additional aqua hex glitter

Nikki Lee of @ninezeroone and @beautycoach_com used midnight society SPACEJAM 

Denise Madrigal of @ninezeroone and @beautycoach_com used birthday bitch SPACEJAM




I seem to have this habit of completely embarrassing myself for the sake of education and entertainment. I’m not going to lie- I hate my feet. My mom has the most beautiful feet. She has never had dry, cracked heels or feet that look ashy in sandals 10 minutes after putting on foot cream. My dad on the other hand has pretty rough feet so thanks genetics! It started when I got to college. So much walking around campus in flip-flops and birkenstocks made my feet really flatten and become rougher.

I got pedicures often but it seemed a few days later my heels would be dry. Not horrible, just certainly not anything anyone would admire. This has continued the past decade and being a makeup artist and doing various retail jobs throughout the years and now as a trainer for a major skincare brand I live on my feet. I no longer have arches so heels have become impossible to wear. I live in my Paul Green boots (seriously, almost every day for the last 2.5 years).

I have done the following (if you’re reading this you probably have too):


Diamond files

Paint stripping sponges from Home Depot

Pumice stones


Heel Balms

Glycolic acid foot creams

Razor shavers they use at home depot

Amope Pedi Perfect 

Listen, these things work but you have to use them EVERY DAY. I don’t have time for that!!

My stepmom was excited about this thing called Baby Foot and said “I HAVE YOU SEND YOU SOME!”. I was intrigued but at the same time very skeptical. I received my packages of Baby Foot about a week and a half ago. The results are ASTONISHING. Don’t scroll down if you’re easily grossed out.

Received package:


I took pics of the application but somehow lost them. It’s a pre-filled boot placed on your feet, best with socks over it. I wore them for an hour. Try not to walk in them, you will probably slip and fall.

Wait 3-5 days…



There’s a foot.. under my foot…


after 5 minutes of gently pulling. No pain. If it doesn’t come off easily, just wait. It will shed naturally.


The thin skin is the hardest to remove. The tops of my feet weren’t ready when this pic was taken.


SICK. (PSA- My feel never looked this bad before, it’s the peel thats making them look gnarly)


3 days later… Tops of feet are peeling still. I used multiple scrubs like Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body & Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub. Neither worked 100% yet.


Will not be shoe shopping any time soon…




Just a few more days and scrubs…


Hello feet of my dreams !!


If you have suffered from rough, dry feet this is an absolute MUST BUY! They are around $20 on Amazon which is less than 1 pedicure. Here’s the link to purchase: I WANT BABY FOOT! or


Are you REALLY getting sun protection?


Summer is here! Well, “summer” is always here in Los Angeles, at least for a transplant like myself. The sun/weather is the best part of living in Southern California. It’s almost always a beautiful day outside, and there’s always a reason to be outside in it! Unfortunately 80% of the signs of aging (dull skin, uneven tone, wrinkles, etc…) are caused by free-radical damage. The sun is one of the biggest free-radicals you can expose yourself to and luckily for that we have sunscreen… or do we?

Ask yourself- Where do you get your sunscreen protection from?

A. Your moisturizer

B. Your Foundation/Makeup

C. You physically put it on by itself daily

No matter which answer you chose, you aren’t getting the protection you think you are. An SPF 50 lasts on average less than 2 HOURS. That is if you are applying the standard 1/4 teaspoon amount on your face. If you aren’t (don’t worry none of us are) cut that time down dramatically. Now imagine you’re using an SPF 15, 20, or 30, and less than 1/4 teaspoon. We are talking minutes of protection. Once it’s gone it’s gone and the sun is free to do whatever it likes while we remain with our pores clogged with white tinted goop.

So what the hell are we supposed to do?! This post isn’t to make you feel bad or use scare tactics but rather an eye opener to stop the sunscreen myths. I always tell my clients, “When you’re on vacation at the beach do you just put sunscreen on in the hotel or do you take it with you to reapply?” Most always say they reapply. There isn’t a magical sunscreen that is for the face that doesn’t need to be reapplied.

Sunscreen in your moisturizer/makeup/physically applied is great. For most people it will get you to work protected from the sun on your commute. What about us Californians who can’t avoid it? What about UVA/UVB light. Office light ages you just like the sun. How are we supposed to reapply sunscreen?

Here are a few sunscreen saviors that I am totally obsessed with and so thankful for! The first three I love because they are non-aerosol and you can pour the product into travel sized spray bottles and keep one in the glove box, and one in your handbag. The others are face and body. Either way, I hope you are a little more aware of how sunscreen works and how it needs to be reapplied. Now get out there and get your tan on!

See below:

Supergoop! SPF 50 Makeup Setting Spray

Coola SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50 For Face/Body

Travel bottles (originally for perfume but I like them for sunscreen!)


Going back to the makeup thing, it’s not like you will be reapplying your foundation every hour so here are some simple sunscreen powders to carry in your touch-up bag.

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging SPF 45 Powder

Arcona SPF 30 Translucent Mineral Sunscreen Powder  (all natural)


These next two are aerosol and I like to use them mostly from the neck down although you can use on the face. Sometimes they make my eyes water.

Sun Bum Continuous Spray Sunscreen, SPF 30

Supergoop! SPF 50 Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist with Vitamin C


How to Shop for “The Best” Eye Cream

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when I’m in stores is asking “what is the best _______?”.

Regardless of what you’re looking for say foundation, toner, mascara, shampoo… there is no such thing as “the best”.

With makeup, a multitude of questions arise when someone asks me what the best thing is. My brain goes into “guess-who mode” as I like to call it and as I ask clients questions such as “What kind of skin do you have? How much coverage do you like? Do you want to use fingers or a brush? What kind of finish do you like?” my brain narrows down to the perfect product for them. This kind of thing can only happen when you have a brain saturated in every cosmetic brand and product the way that mine is.

Skincare is a lot more simple and you can use a similar “Guess-Who” method when trying to pinpoint what the perfect product will be for you. The problem with just asking someone is that you never know their experience. A lot of times someone will recommend the brand they work for because it’s the only one they are trained in, other times you’ll go to a store where there are a lot of brands and find someone that will recommend the last product they were trained in because it’s too much to remember for them. The point of this blog entry is to teach you to narrow down what it is you’re looking for so that you can be your own stylist, then of course read reviews or ask for help deciding between a few products.

Eye Cream is a product that people constantly buy different ones of each time because it didn’t do what they wanted. If you can learn to identify what it is you want, you can quit wasting so much money and be happy with your purchase.

Let’s talk about the different types of problems around the eyes:

1. Puffiness:

Ah, Puffiness. Those awesome little camelsack’s under our eyes. The good thing about puffiness is that it’s the easiest to fix, not to mention the cheapest! Puffiness is just fluid that accumulates under our eyes and can go away without the use of a magic wand.


1. Caffeine

2. Peptides

3. Cucumber and Aloe

4. Hydrocortisone

5. Anything Cold or Cooling!

A. MAC Fast Response Eye Cream $31

This is an old’y but a good’y. Packed with caffeine and a nice velvety texture. MAC Fast Response Eye Cream is the perfect kit essential for a quick “cup of coffee for the eyes” although it lacks in the hydration and anti-aging department.

B. Clarins Eye Contour Gel $37

An affordable option for an eye cream when puffiness is ruining your morning. Claris uses wild rose to visibly depuff after just a few minutes. Provides a nice cooling effect and makeup base. Nice essential to use as needed but would recommend another eye cream with it that will provide more hydration and anti-aging.

C. Caudalie Vinexpert Eye & Lip Serum $75

This natural yet supercharged formula is one of the fastest de-puffers I’ve ever used on clients. It’s a quintessential part of my kit for red carpet makeup and can be used day & night alone or under another eye cream to not only send your bags on vacation, but eliminate deep wrinkles and dark circles as well with a blend of Vine Resveratrol, Peptides and Matrixyl.

2. Dark Circles.

There are two types of dark circles- the blue/green discs you get under your eyes from lifestyle (lack of sleep, too much computer use, etc) or the hereditary dark circles (seen a lot in darker pigmented skin such as Indian and African American).

If you have lifestyle dark circles there’s a ton of great eye creams for that. Anything that promotes blood stimulation will reduce the dark circles. The good news is that you can do some at-home remedies as well that don’t cost a thing!

If you have hereditary dark circles you’ll spend thousands of dollars and never find an eye cream that works for you. You’ll need some special treatment such as eye creams that work against excess melanin.

Key Brightening Ingredients to Shop for:

1. Niacinamide

2. Licorice

3. Vitamin C

4. Viniferine

A. Kate Somerville Cytocell Eye Cream $75:

Kate Somerville has always been one of my favorite skincare brands. Packed with peptide P-199 this concentrated treatment helps with dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness, achieving a younger, more radiant appearance result (

B. Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream $99:

The Premier Cru eye cream from Caudalie is a great choice whether you are puffy, wrinkly or dark under the eye. This formula has different ingredients to target every sign but where it shines the most is in the brightening department. Not only does it fade lifestyle AND hereditary dark circles (using patented ingredient Viniferine clinically proven to be 62x more effective than vitamin c), it has a mineral pigment in it that gives you an instant brightening effect under the eyes. This is what I’ve been personally using and am completely obsessed with.

C. Creme De La Mer Eye Concentrate $185:

Regardless of whether or not the price is justified, the instant and long term brightening benefits of the Creme de la Mer Eye Concentrate can’t be disputed. It’s been a long time favorite of mine for dark circles and fine lines and the applicator wand feels super luxury in the morning.

3. Crow’s Feet.

Do you have wrinkles all the time around the eyes or just when you smile. People complain that they have lines when they smile… no kidding? Your skin has to go somewhere when your muscles move. Have you seen someone smile and their face doesn’t move at all? I saw a Bette Midler poster last year and she was smiling huge yet her eyes had no wrinkles around them at all and it was the scariest looking thing I’d seen in a while. I wish I had a picture of it. Hopefully it was just bad photoshop.. I digress. The point is- if you have wrinkles when you’re not smiling or expressing, an eye cream can fix that. If you want to be frozen, a temporary face tightening product or a needle filled with Botox can fix that.

This is the most complicated category to shop for, because everything is literally anti-wrinkle. If there are anti-oxidants in the product it is anti-wrinkle. What I’m going to post are not “anti-aging” eye creams, but *corrective-aging* eye creams that actually do something to take away the lines.

Key Ingredients to look for when shopping:

1. Retinol (only use these products at night)

2. Vitamin C

3. Peptides

4. Vine Resveratrol Oleyl (not to be confused with regular resveratrol)

A. Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Eye & Lip Cream $49:

Sometimes it’s not just a certain ingredient but a blend of ingredients that make a product awesome. The C15 eye cream is a great choice not only because of it’s clean bill of health ingredient list, but the fact it is 15% Vitamin C Ester from non-gmo corn vs. citrus. This little cream quickly diminishes fine lines before they become deep wrinkles and according to my friend Dena, makes her boyfriend feel uncomfortable because he’s getting too pretty. On top of the correction aspect, C15 has patented grape seed polyphenols, the strongest anti-oxidant in nature to keep 100% of wrinkles and signs of aging away. Remarkable at a remarkable price.

B. Shiseido Bio-Performance Eye Cream $60


My beloved steam-roller. Bio-performance eye cream is so good that it makes me wonder why some other brands even try. Nightly use of this cream eliminates years of aging with a blend of yeast, rosemary and Vitamin A. The instructions say this can be used daily and nightly, but because of the Vitamin A (retinoid) I’m going to recommend this one at night with a less intense eye cream during the day.

C. Cle de Peau Eye Contour Balm $140

The price point is shocking but when you want crows feet to go away quickly look no further than the Eye Contour Balm from Cle De Peau. The pure retinol exfoliates wrinkles away while a blend of anti-oxidants help keep them at bay.

Best Eye Creams I’ve personally used for all concerns:

1. Premier Cru Eye $99

Brightening, Firming, Preventative. Unique blend of Viniferine, Vine Resveratrol and Grape seed polyphenols which dominate in the brightening, firming and prevention categories. Recyclable, eco-conscious packaging.

2. Shiseido Future Solutions LX Eye & Lip $130

Uses Shiseido technology to identify problems and fix them. Sounds crazy but it works. This is one that is a word-of-mouth product that I have seen many clients buy continually because of how well it works. Use on eyes and lips.

3. Armani Crema Nera Eye Cream $170

This eye cream is literally so good you can feel it working, watch it working and keep it in your purse to touch up over your makeup (there’s even a little mirror on it). One of my all-time favorites.

4. Cle De Peau Eye Cream $250

Instant results + long term results = empty wallet. You feel really rich and classy putting this on (pinky in the air happens naturally during application), which might make the results seem better than they are but hey, I’m not complaining. This is the rare blend of absurdly overpriced product and beautiful, long lasting results.

What are your favorite eye creams and what kind of results have you gotten with them?



Simple Human Mirror Review – Never leaving the house again!

Several months ago a friend and client Effie reached out to me to boast about this amazing new mirror she got from her hubby. She mentioned this simple human mirror and I made a mental note to check it out sometime. I didn’t realize just how awesome this mirror was. Now that I’m training in Sephora’s around the West Coast 5 days a week I stare in it almost daily.

It has the most brilliant white light for makeup and turns on automatically when you lean in (charges with USB).

The vast amount of things you can see in this thing is insane!! I meant to buy it during Sephora friends and family for 20% off but missed out.

The Simple Human Mirror comes in 3 forms: The Small, The Large and the Wall Mounted. Click on any of the pics to view on amazon.

The small retails for $129:

while the large retails for $199:

wall mounted also retails for $199:

I finally took the plunge and purchased one and have not regretted it whatsoever. I chose the small not just because of the savings but because with something so magnified you’re usually only focused on one part of your face at a time so the larger doesn’t make much difference.

I spent 2 hours the other night with my extractor dipped in alcohol just getting everything out of my face.. it was gross and amazing at the same time. My friend Tim came over and spent 30 minutes plucking hairs he never knew he had. It’s wondrous. Best purchase of 2015 so far!

Great way to spend those Holiday Amazon gift cards!

You’ll need one of these as well…

New Career, New Outlook + WINTER SKIN ADVICE!

The last few months have been a whirlwind. I’ve needed to step back and absorb everything and reflect on how incredible life can be when you find yourself in the right place. I moved here 13 months ago and have had two career changes already. Each a stepping stone to whatever my destiny has in store. My Beauty Stylist history and knowledge led me to work for one of the best makeup companies in the world, but once I was there I found it really hard to be true to myself and my clients/fans. I believe that being open minded and filling yourself with as much knowledge as possible in whatever business you do is the key to success and not being able to use a different brand or different colors for clients (when necessary) aside from what my line offered became too much of a personal internal problem for me.

I not only love to style my clients in the perfect makeup for them, but also in the perfect skincare regimen. Finding the perfect red lipstick for a night out gives so much confidence, but that feeling only lasts so long (trust me, I’m addicted to that feeling). What keeps me confident the most is getting compliments on my skin. As an artist, I always ask people what kind of makeup they are looking for and sadly about 75% of the time I hear “FULL COVERAGE!”. Why are we so obsessed about covering up our insecurities? I became obsessed with fixing the problem first, then using makeup to enhance, NOT just cover it up!

If I can prescribe someone the right skincare to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, makeup becomes FUN not a hassle. It’s been a dream of mine to be able to teach other people that work in retail (Nordstrom, Sephora, etc) how to share this view of mine and be successful in sales not because of the paycheck, but because they are finding a client exactly what they are looking for and building a personal relationship that promotes retention. I have some of the best clients in the world. They support me and many have become like family. Being honest, knowledgeable and genuine is the only secret to how I got where I am.

The last couple months have completely transformed me. I accepted an education and management position with one of the best skincare lines in the entire world, Caudalie. I’m now training the Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Hawaii markets. I still have my favorite products from other brands, but this company has changed so many outlooks on skincare that I have held in the past. I have learned more about skin in 2 months than I have in 2 years. I can’t wait to share my reviews and tutorials on Caudalie products as well as other favorites. I have been so busy adjusting to my role that I haven’t had any time to blog or make new videos. As soon as this holiday season is over I have a lot planned for my personal projects such as Beauty Styled. Until then, here are some tips and product recommendations that I can share to get you through this Winter Season.

1) Stop Over Peeling!!!

I know, I know. I’m the chick that posted a video and link to 40% Glycolic acid and how to literally burn the living flesh off of your face. If you insist on peeling I still recommend that product, but in a lower % and only once every few months. I’ve learned that your skin only needs a little under 3% to peel the dead skin off with Glycolic acid. Anything over 3% is taking off living skin. 40% is absolutely insane. You can do a quick peel but let’s basically compare it with getting lipo to lose weight instead of changing lifestyle and working out. You can get that instant result sometimes, but it’s better to do a much smaller % weekly and make it part of your lifestyle. Since using Caudalie I haven’t needed to do a chemical peel whatsoever. If you want that quick fix here are some great options:

Caudalie VinoPerfect Enzymatic Peel (once a week)

Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Peel (once every 2-4 weeks)

Skin Obsession 20% Glycolic Acid (once every 12-16 weeks)

2) Compare your skin to your bed.

When you are young, your skin is like a brand new mattress. Firm, fresh springs holding it up. Pillow top.

As you sleep on your mattress for years, the bed starts sinking in a little, the top gets grungy and you need to flip it, etc. Now let’s compare that to what happens in your skin. The springs are like your collagen and elastin, they get worn out and start loosing their strength. The surface of your skin is being attacked all the time by free-radicals, they are like little bedbugs that make your mattress gross. Free-radicals cause 4 out of 5 wrinkles and 80% of the visible signs of aging. So while our mattress is thinning out and collapsing, we are also doing necessary peels sometimes, as well as retinol that is shaving off layers of our skin. Over peeling causes our mattress to be super thin. Thin skin = sagging skin. We want to get rid of the “bedbugs (free-radical damage)” while boosting/restoring our springs. That’s why using products that boost your own natural collagen are so important. Using products with collagen in them is completely pointless. You want to grow your own!

Dr. David Sinclair from Harvard has named Resveratrol the most corrective-aging ingredient ever discovered to date.

Guess who owns the patent on Resveratrol… Caudalie! YAY! Okay so here are my recommendations for boosting your own collagen:

Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum (570 Clinical Trials. Skin density and natural collagen doubled in 6 days)

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum (has 10% Vitamin C Ester)

Dr. Perricone Cold Plasma

3) Free-Radicals are the Devil!

Free-Radicals are unstable molecules that steal electrons out of our skin cells causing them to die off faster. I’m sure you know of them in their English non-scientific form: The Sun, Smoking, Drinking, Stress, Pollution. I feel like people in LA look really old at young ages because of this. We hate free-radicals because they cause 80% of the visible signs of aging, not to mention cancer. What combats free-radicals? Antioxidants!!!

I’ve changed my skincare outlook once I realized antioxidants are literally the most anti-aging thing in the world. If you block free-radicals, you aren’t aging (or at least showing it)! I compare antioxidants to the potion in Death Becomes Her (my favorite movie of all time by the way).


If you stop signs of aging, you don’t age. Lot’s of products have high anti-oxidant content. There’s one antioxidant that protects against 100% of free-radicals. It’s called Grapeseed Polyphenols. It’s the first patent that Caudalie made. Are you realizing why I’m so obsessed with this line yet? Good. Here’s my recommendations for antioxidants you can incorporate into your routine:

Caudalie Overnight Detox

I call this the Brita filter for your face. It filters out the free radicals overnight, not to mention smells amazing, and makes skin glow in the morning.

Caudalie Polyphenol C15 Serum

Perfect for first signs of aging since it has 15% Vitamin C Ester, or for anyone wanting to protect skin from the pollution. This is bubblewrap for your face. Nothing is going to attack that beautiful skin!

Amore Pacific Green Tea Oil

HUM Turn Back Time Supplements!!! OBSESSED! These Organic Supplements are incredible and full of anti-oxidants that work from the inside-out!

As always, stay hydrated by drinking tons of water. I’m going to buy a gallon jug and try to drink a gallon of water a day. I’ll blog about that later.


Personalize your Brushes

When I started carrying my brushes to sites I realized quickly that they would need some sort of identifying mark. As a MAC artist I chose nail lacquer in a sparkly silver color that was unique to me. I carefully dotted the bottoms of all my brushes so that they could be easily identified when working with a group of artists who were all using so many of the same brushes. It worked out just fine but I was pretty indifferent to it.

Fast forward to the present where I work as a Tarte educator and artist and I have theses gorgeous bamboo handled brushes. I was inspired by all the beautiful patterns and decorative colors on the Tarte bags and products and I wanted to personalize my sets with something a bit more exciting. I found this fabulous Duck Tape brand tape from Target. I wrapped the handles of each of my sets differently to keep them cute, organized, and easily identifiable in events and trainings! I hope you like this trick. I included the amazon link so you can peek at the tape I used in the photo plus the other fun patterns polka dots, stripes, all different sizes even.

Cheers XO

zig zag decorative tape

EPILATORS: The Newest Beauty Device I’m Torturing Myself With!

Maybe you’ve heard of an epilator maybe not.. maybe your grandma has one of these crazy devices and you’ve been curious as to what it is. I bought one after my waxer recommended it for my thighs (barely any hair and not worth the cost of waxing) and in my style of curiously causing immense pain to myself in the name of beauty I decided to use it over my entire body. Check it out!


I actually love it. The hair stays away as long as waxing and it’s a fraction of a percent of the price of waxing. Maybe pick up a RX for some Vicodin while you’re at it!

You can order if you dare:

My Epilator

The shinier model with all the attachments (recommended by my friend) 




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Makeup Mystery Theatre: Episode 4 (Starring GLEAM by Melanie Mills!)

I love love love GLEAM by Melanie Mills! I attribute it to me getting into the Golden Globes’ Weinstein after party with no questions asked. In today’s #MMT I had plans to be outdoors, doing something near the beach with a very good looking friend 😉 I wanted to do something that would look great yet stay appropriate.

Products used: (I’ve posted links for Amazon users)
GLEAM by Melanie Mills Rose Gold Cream $40
GLEAM by Melanie Mills Rose Gold Powder $59
Laura Mercier Radiance Primer $44
NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer $42
Make Up For Ever Face + Body Foundation $40
Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer $39
MAC Mineralize Powder $32
La Prarie Cream Blush in coral and pink $140
MAC Perky Paint Pot $20
NYX Milk Pencil $4.50
Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow: Antique Rose $18
Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eyeliner: Black $28
Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara $31
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow $20
MAC Wedge Shadow $15
MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick (PRO) $16
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick (PRO) $16


GLEAM Body Brush $85
Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush $42
Smashbox Crease Brush $24
MAC 242 $25
NARS Kabuki Artisan Brush $50
Trish Brush 50 $28

TOTAL COST: $850.50

Something new I think is important and different is saying the total price for the look. No one really talks about how much investment goes into making even the easiest look. It is not to brag but more so set realistic ideas of what luxury makeup costs. A lot of people expect makeup done for free or very cheap not realizing how much it costs to be a working makeup artist. I think it’s important for people wanting to be makeup artists as well, luckily a lot of products are available at pro discounts but most ultra lux products are not (i.e. ysl, trish, dior, la prarie). Start budgeting!!


Serious Doubts About Creme De La Mer, Is it a HOAX?

Gel De La Mer

I feel a bit nervous to write this blog but I felt it needed to be put out there in hopes that some questions I have get answered.

First of all, I like La Mer. I use the Gel & Soft Creme myself and their concealer is wonderful. I have seen The Concentrate heal clients’ eczema and rosacea, therefore I believe in the product itself. Anything that costs $165/oz (The Soft Creme), $285/2oz (Gel de La Mer) and $425/1.7oz (The Concentrate) should probably create miracles, and it does according to all of the reviews. All 43 reviews from each store.

la mer concentrate reviews

Here’s the reason for my blog post. If you’re familiar with La Mer you’ve heard the story of it’s origins. If not, here’s how it goes..

The Creme de La Mer Story

There was a NASA Astrophysicist named Dr. Max Huber. He and his team suffered severe burns during a lab explosion. He dedicated the rest of his career to finding a cure for scars. He loved the ocean and noticed men working with sea kelp had normal sun damaged skin but their arms were pristine from handling the sea kelp. “It took 12 years and 6,000 experiments” of studying sea kelp (he played music, sounds of the ocean and pulsed light through it) but he finally made a potion that worked and called it “The Miracle Broth”. He added a special kind of  Mineral Oil (La Mer says the difference between their mineral oil and the kind you can get for a few dollars is “the difference between a fine aged wine and grape juice”- personal La Mer training experience) and other ingredients and made it into a cream and sold it in front of stores. “He would even eat it with a spoon to show people how natural it was”. The tale goes on to say that when he died, 90% of his scars were cured. To this day every jar of Creme de La Mer has some of the original batch of miracle broth in it. Hence the price.

Yeah Yeah Yeah… What an incredibly interesting story. They should make a movie! Except I had a recent revelation that makes me question the entire thing. Keep in mind, I’m not saying the creme isn’t wonderful. It is. I’m playing devil’s advocate for the validity of it’s origins. I tried doing research on this Max Huber guy. There is no information about him, any accomplishments at NASA or records of his existence beyond Estee Lauder websites (If you didn’t know, La Mer is an Estee Lauder brand), and various blogs that tell the same story I just did. It is said that his daughter sold the recipe to Estee Lauder who uses the exact recipe from Dr. Huber and it’s even created in Max Huber Research Laboratories. What you can’t find is his daughters name anywhere, or his obituary. When doing research I found their business listing on The company contact is Maureen Case, CEO of Estee Lauder. I like the advertisement on the side, it’s a nice touch.

max huber research laboratory

Their office looks amazing!

Max Huber Estee Lauder Parking Lot

Edit: The 7 Corporate Center Dr. Is also the building to the right (Estée Lauder headquarters)

The only photo of "Dr. Max Huber"

I’ve been searching for weeks for more information about the Huber family, the labs or even a single photo of Max Huber (maybe a before and after?!) but there is absolutely nothing except for 1 black and white photo of a man (with no scars). There is no family photos. No photos of him posing with a jar (surely there would be photos of that after working 12 years and 6,000 experiments.) There is no obituary. There are other Max Huber’s that were scientists from Switzerland and Germany but they have nothing to do with Creme de La Mer. It could literally be anyone. After all of these revelations and exhaustive research it is my personal opinion that the story is completely made up. It’s a nice skincare line that does give wonderful results and coming from a marketing background I can understand why Estee Lauder would create this lovely imagery to justify an insane price but I’m not buying it anymore and I don’t want anyone else to either until they can back up their claims. La Mer seems to be the biggest scam in the Beauty Industry.

Please do your own research and share this blog to raise awareness because it’s my hope that some information about this family, maybe another physicists name from this “lab explosion” at NASA would emerge.. I just think it is potentially the biggest lie in the cosmetics industry and had to share my thoughts. If he’s a physicist where was he educated? Does he have any remaining family? It’s my hope that this article will have people better experienced in research ask these questions and hopefully find some answers.

I will always ask questions on behalf of my clients and I realize this article will piss some people off. It’s truly not my intention. La Mer is a nice product that gives good results that I have personally experienced for myself and my clients. I just need some answers before I shell out my hard earned dollars to support a fairy tale.

I also want it to be known that I have worked alongside La Mer employees and they are trained on this background and have never questioned it. I don’t believe they are intentionally lying to anyone. I have been invited to La Mer trainings as well and I was drinking the punch until recently. When this product was launched in the 1990’s the internet wasn’t really a thing yet so I don’t think Lauder ever expected to be questioned. I think it’s a good time to bring up these questions now and demand proof. Please share this blog via social media. I’m not an expert at research but I hope this intrigues someone who is who can get some hard answers.

EDIT 8/24: Things I’m still searching for:

– newspaper article about lab explosion

– any photo of a jar of La Mer before Estee Lauder “purchased it”

– any photo of Max Huber with this cream

– any remaining family members

– NASA employee records

– Obituary

– College Degree

– Articles written about La Mer prior to Lauder acquisition