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Simple Human Mirror Review – Never leaving the house again!

Several months ago a friend and client Effie reached out to me to boast about this amazing new mirror she got from her hubby. She mentioned this simple human mirror and I made a mental note to check it out sometime. I didn’t realize just how awesome this mirror was. Now that I’m training in Sephora’s around the West Coast 5 days a week I stare in it almost daily.

It has the most brilliant white light for makeup and turns on automatically when you lean in (charges with USB).

The vast amount of things you can see in this thing is insane!! I meant to buy it during Sephora friends and family for 20% off but missed out.

The Simple Human Mirror comes in 3 forms: The Small, The Large and the Wall Mounted. Click on any of the pics to view on amazon.

The small retails for $129:

while the large retails for $199:

wall mounted also retails for $199:

I finally took the plunge and purchased one and have not regretted it whatsoever. I chose the small not just because of the savings but because with something so magnified you’re usually only focused on one part of your face at a time so the larger doesn’t make much difference.

I spent 2 hours the other night with my extractor dipped in alcohol just getting everything out of my face.. it was gross and amazing at the same time. My friend Tim came over and spent 30 minutes plucking hairs he never knew he had. It’s wondrous. Best purchase of 2015 so far!

Great way to spend those Holiday Amazon gift cards!

You’ll need one of these as well…