Color inspiration: Kristen Stewart

“Kristen Stewart” and “effortless” have always gone together. She has always had a certain style that mixes upscale with hipster accents but lately she’s been nothing short of breathtaking. Browsing random blogs two photos have jumped out at me this week that made me inspired.

She isn’t wearing a lip, but I feel like I always start the day or evening with a lip but a few hours later I don’t care anymore. I usually am working so much or living in the moment that I don’t remember (but actually don’t care) to touch up. It’s kind of a conundrum, I must own every color but I will only put it on once, haha. Maybe Kristen is the same. What I love about this look is  her eye makeup. I love the smokiness with the orangey tan color and can tell she has a winged liner, perhaps black gel, smudged with black/dark brown eyeshadow. Her brows are natural and groomed and she has a full coverage foundation on. Because she’s sponsored by Chanel and I know the brand pretty well, here is my product breakdown on this look.

Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation

Chanel Eclat Lumiere Highlighter Face Pen

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Color Powder

Chanel Ombre Essential Soft Touch Eyeshadow in Trace

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted

Chanel La Ligne Professional Eyeliner Duo

Chanel Inimitable Mascara


Kristen Stewart Lipstick

This is the best I think Kristen Stewart has ever looked. Her foundation looks like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk with a bit of translucent setting powder. If she has bronzer on, it’s light and dispersed. She has a pink blush on her cheekbones and groomed brows. I believe her lipstick is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in #37 “L’exuberante”.

I can’t say how refreshing this look is. Her skin is flawless and natural with that bright pop of color. Right in time for Spring!


Makeup Mystery Theatre: Episode 4 (Starring GLEAM by Melanie Mills!)

I love love love GLEAM by Melanie Mills! I attribute it to me getting into the Golden Globes’ Weinstein after party with no questions asked. In today’s #MMT I had plans to be outdoors, doing something near the beach with a very good looking friend 😉 I wanted to do something that would look great yet stay appropriate.

Products used: (I’ve posted links for Amazon users)
GLEAM by Melanie Mills Rose Gold Cream $40
GLEAM by Melanie Mills Rose Gold Powder $59
Laura Mercier Radiance Primer $44
NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer $42
Make Up For Ever Face + Body Foundation $40
Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer $39
MAC Mineralize Powder $32
La Prarie Cream Blush in coral and pink $140
MAC Perky Paint Pot $20
NYX Milk Pencil $4.50
Trish McEvoy Eyeshadow: Antique Rose $18
Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eyeliner: Black $28
Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara $31
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow $20
MAC Wedge Shadow $15
MAC Flat Out Fabulous Lipstick (PRO) $16
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick (PRO) $16


GLEAM Body Brush $85
Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush $42
Smashbox Crease Brush $24
MAC 242 $25
NARS Kabuki Artisan Brush $50
Trish Brush 50 $28

TOTAL COST: $850.50

Something new I think is important and different is saying the total price for the look. No one really talks about how much investment goes into making even the easiest look. It is not to brag but more so set realistic ideas of what luxury makeup costs. A lot of people expect makeup done for free or very cheap not realizing how much it costs to be a working makeup artist. I think it’s important for people wanting to be makeup artists as well, luckily a lot of products are available at pro discounts but most ultra lux products are not (i.e. ysl, trish, dior, la prarie). Start budgeting!!


Marilyn Monroe’s Actual Lipstick Trick!

Here’s how to make any lipstick last all night thanks to Marilyn Monroe and her makeup artist Whitey!

I’m wearing the actual lipstick shade that Marilyn personally wore: Guerlain “Insolence” (previously named “Diabolique”).

Pretty cool that it’s still available! I purchased mine at Nordstrom.

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The Best Order to do your Makeup to Save Time in the Morning!

I often get asked what order to do makeup. Foundation first? Concealer before or after foundation?
In this video I break down the 8 steps to a flawless face and do my own makeup along the way. Write these down on a post-it and stick to your vanity. Do makeup however you like, just in this order and I guarantee you’ll save a ton of time and have better results every day!


STEP ONE (Eye Base):
Make Up For Ever Aquamatic

STEP TWO (Eyeshadow/Eyeliner):
Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Liner
Dior 5 Colour Designer 508 Nude Pink Design
(MAC 217 or Trish 30, Dior Eyeliner Brush)

STEP THREE (Mascara):
Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara

STEP FOUR (Triangle of Light):
Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift

STEP FIVE (Face Makeup i.e. foundation, tinted moisturizer..etc):
Japonesque Liquid Light 02
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 5.75
Beauty Blender

STEP SIX (Face Color- any powder/bronzer/blush/highlighter):
Ben Nye Banana Powder
Dior NudeTan Bronzer 002 Sunlight
MAC Margin Blusher
NARS Kabuki Brush

STEP SEVEN (Eyebrows):
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow 15


*Sorry didn’t realize I sped through the liner! I was sick when editing this haha*

Trish McEvoy Barely Rose Lip Liner
Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Pink Essential Balm


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New Contributors to BeautyStyled means more info and more experts!

I wanted to take a moment to share that I’m going to be changing up this blog for the better. Working full time and running a business full time on the side is so much work that it’s hard to find extra time to write for you guys. I have met and continue to meet so many people that inspire me and challenge me in new ways that I want to share them with you! I have a close group of people that are similar to me in the sense that they are professionals and experts in their craft whether it’s skincare, makeup or hair. I have invited them to share their knowledge on and they couldn’t be more excited!

Lauren Clark is a Celebrity Hair Stylist from Beverly Hills (and my personal hair stylist). She was one of the first connections I made here in LA and is the only person I trust to touch my hair from now on. We have worked on many projects already and she has so much knowledge about hair and health that she is excited to share.
megan dugan lauren clark pins and ponytails mdmamakeup

Dena Thurston is one of my best friends and a Regional makeup artist for Trish McEvoy. She has brought so much joy to my life not only as a friend but a partner in business as well. She is from Minnesota but is currently living in St. Louis. She is a stellar makeup artist and her organic recipes and lifestyle tips are just as fab as her skills behind a makeup brush.
megan dugan dena thurston makeup artists trish mcevoy

Kelly Kossakoski is one of my oldest friends in the biz. She has worked for many different brands and is currently one of the top people at TARTE Cosmetics. We met when I worked for MAC over 6 years ago. She sees life in a way that I am envious of. She finds beauty in everything and is one of the most inspirational and motivating people I know.

megan dugan kelly kossakoski makeup artists tarte trish mcevoy

These people are my dearest friends and colleagues and while I am very private with my personal life and friendships, I feel it’s best to share these people and their knowledge with you. We all have one goal in mind and that’s to make the world a more healthy and beautiful place, one post at a time 🙂

XX Megan

1K Celebration Contest!


The past year has been completely chaotic and amazing. A year ago I would have never believed you if you told me I would be in my new home in LA writing this blog.

So much has changed and I’ve adapted along with it. In the past year my followers have quadrupled and it’s made me more confident to upload these videos and editorials. I’m all about working one on one with clients but I’m learning quickly how great it feels to share not only what I know but also my true self online- exposed to the world. It’s help me learn a lot about who I am, and what I want.

I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my friends, clients and I guess now, fans (?? so weird!).

The other day I was seeing how my posts were doing and came across the realization that I have almost 1K likes on Facebook. I then checked YouTube and saw the same, then instagram.. the same.

It’s February 18th. Let’s get to 1,000 on each platform by the end of the month!

My makeup artist kit is HUGE. So huge, that I neglect a lot of it. I have so much that I would love to give back to you guys. I’ve made up 4 swag-bags that are full of new and lightly used (everything is sterilized with BeautySoClean and alcohol- as if I were going to use it on a job) products. There’s skincare, makeup, brushes.. etc.

As soon as I hit 1K on YouTube, I’m sending a package to one of my YouTube subscribers. Same goes on Instagram and Facebook.

By sharing my videos, following me on instagram and sharing my fb posts you could win BIG.

I don’t really know what’s going on with my Twitter. I have it linked to anything but don’t really use it as much, but hey, if that get’s to 1K I’ll send out something HUGE. If you want to follow me there I’m @MDMAmakeup.

I’m at 985 on instagram at the time of this post… the first package may go out today.

Share this post with the hashtag #winMDMA

XX Megan

Photo on 2-18-14 at 4.17 PM #9

Note: I’m choosing a follower at random on each platform at the time I hit 1,000. This isn’t a “be the 1000th person to…” contest. I’ll do my best to get a hold of you and announce the winners on each platform as well as on twitter @MDMAmakeup.

This blog is now officially WWW.BEAUTYSTYLED.COM

As more individuals are subscribing to this blog, I know it’s due to the content I’m posting and not because you’re a fan of my work. I get that- and love that. I decided to switch the site to focus more on content rather than myself since there are plenty of places you can keep up with me and my makeup artistry (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter).

I wanted a name that people can remember and be able to access without going through my personal sites.

There are so many things that I’m passionate about. Makeup Artistry, helping people with their skin, being an educator and also being a personal stylist for beauty. That’s what made me want to create “Beauty Styled”. I’m proud to be constantly trained in so many makeup and treatment lines and want to give you the resources and expertise needed to make the often confusing decisions about which moisturizer works better for you or which eyeliner won’t run.

Any questions or topics you would like me to address, please contact me at

XX Megan

Ridiculously Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial


via MDMAmakeup on Instagram

I am pretty good with being able to understand problems people have with makeup. I’m very blessed that I just have always seemed to get how to hold my skin to apply eyeliner, what faces to make when doing my brows.. it just comes natural. I realize about 75% of people who use makeup don’t have those built in makeup superpowers. That’s okay! You should still be able to give yourself a sultry eye without a visit to the makeup counter. Here’s how!

Products used:

Laura Mercier Eye Base: Wheat

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow: Burnt (I think I said brown) Sugar

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre: Mirifique

MAC Pigment: Naked, Reflects Gold (MAC Store Only)

Dior Art Pen Liner

NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner: Rue Saint Honore

YSL Faux Cils Mascara: #5 (Best EVER)

MAC Brow Gel Pot: Dirty Blonde
Was limited edition, can be replaced with Color of your choice in Anastasia Dipbrow

I went to my first Korean Spa… and lived to tell the tale!

Lately I’ve been working so much that all I do when I get home is sleep. I feel like I’m missing out on so many awesome things I could be doing. I promised myself that on my next day off I would accomplish 2 things: Laundry and KOREAN SPA!

Let’s just say I accomplished 50% of that.

When I first moved to LA someone told me about Korean Spas. I was told it was under $20 to get in and you can spend all day there and even sleep there if you want. There are pools and saunas and mud masks and they scrub you down etc. I was all about it.

After planning which spa had the best deals via, we chose Natura Spa in the heart of Koreatown, LA. I met a new friend there and after figuring out parking during the beginning of rush hour, we were ready to be pampered. Having lived in NYC before Los Angeles, my friend had been to a Korean Spa before and told me to bring different skincare products like masks and peels, as well as a bathing suit. As we entered the spa we were immediately greeted by super Korean women that asked us what services we wanted. The way it works is that you pay admission, but then the admission gets waived if you buy 2 or more services.

They offer services for men and women (men’s spa is totally separate, there are no co-ed areas).

Womens Services Included (taken from

B O D Y   C A R E

Body Scrub$30 + $15 Admission Fee

Massage$40 + $15 Admission Fee

Scrub & Massage$80 + Admission fee waived

Aroma Package$100 + Admission fee waived

Silver Package$130 + Admission fee waived    


30 min. Session $30 + $10 Admission fee

55 min. Session $55 + Admission fee waived

85 min. Session $80 + Admission fee waived

110 min. Session $110 + Admission fee waived   

A C U P R E S S U R E   W I T H   O I L

30 min. Session $35 + $10 Admission fee

55 min. Session $70 + Admission fee waived

85 min. Session $105 + Admission fee waived

110 min. Session $140 + Admission fee waived    

F O O T   M A S S A G E

30 min. Session $30 + $10 Admission fee

55 min. Session $55 + Admission fee waived    

S K I N   C A R E

Regular $60 + Admission fee waived

Special $100 + Admission fee waived

Special Plus $130 + Admission fee waived    

N A I L   S E R V I C E S

Color Only $10

Manicure $15

Pedicure $25    

T A N N I N G   B E D

1 Session $15

Since it was my first time there, I wanted to know what I was getting myself into so I opted for no extra services and just the admission fee. They handed us each a wrist band with a key attached for our lockers. As I undressed and began to put my bathing suit on as privately as possible in a room full of naked women, my friend then said to me, “I don’t know if bathing suits are allowed. Some spas don’t allow them.”

My reaction:

As I approached the entrance to the spa pools, there it was…  a sign that said “No Swimsuits beyond this point”

As I looked around, no one seemed to care whatsoever. There were so many naked people I had to tell myself that I would be drawing more attention to myself if I didn’t go along with it. I walked back over to my locker, slowly removed my swimsuit under my robe, and began my journey.

My friend was all about it. In a split second she was robed then, BAM! We just got to know each other very quickly. Her bravery and self confidence was super inspiring so I dropped my robe then immediately turned the shower on, grasping my girls. I felt like everyone was staring at me, that was, until I noticed they weren’t. No one cared. There were boobs and vaginas everywhere! I suddenly felt like I was part of this secret sisterhood of liberated free females! I felt so empowered! I COULD BE NAKED IN FRONT OF STRANGERS.

The first place we went after showering was straight to the first hot tub. It was like taking a bath with my friend, but in a totally normal way (?!). As I began to relax, and more and more boobs crossed my vision, I began to realize how dependent upon covering ourselves up we are. Literally everyone in that room had the same number of breasts, the same piping, lots of love handles, and apparently open minds. It was not only physically rejuvenating, but also psychologically. I felt more accepting of my flaws than I have in a while. I also felt much more cultured.

The next hour or so we went from hot tub to freezing tub to hot tub to steam room to sauna to clay room, back to freezing tub and so on. We took a break from all this nekkedness to do a face mask and have some fresh juice. My friend had fresh grapefruit juice and I had strawberry and kiwi juice. We relaxed, watched some Korean soap opera and then went back for a final dip. After feeling totally comfortable and not self conscious before, the fear returned all over again. I ignored it, showered, got super naked again for a while then showered again before drying my hair and getting clothed (thank god!).

The experience was so different for me, and had to be one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Ultimately it was awesome and I look forward to it again in the near future. My skin is glowing, my pores are non-existent and I feel like a stronger woman.


I met Makeup icon Charlotte Tilbury (oh, and I moved to Los Angeles)!!!

Wow. In the last week I’ve turned a year older, did my first official LA red carpet makeup for the Golden Globes, and most importantly met one of the people I look up to the most with my career and aspirations. I ran into Charlotte Tilbury, a very famous makeup artist from London, at a Golden Globes after party. Amidst all the stars I spotted her from across the room and couldn’t resist an introduction. Charlotte, along with artists like Val Garland, Kevyn Aucoin, Gregory Arlt, and Ve Neil, is someone who has changed the beauty industry. I say beauty rather than makeup because so many ideas about beauty in general, high end makeup, red carpet looks at work, etc. have been brought forward by these innovative and talented artists. The secret mystique of celebrity beauty has gone from being Hollywood Secret to easily discovered via books, backstage videos, and even youtube videos from artists themselves.

A new respect for the makeup artist profession has emerged over the last decade and specifically the last few years. It’s one of the most sought after careers these days but it’s a job based not only on talent you truly have to be born with, but also creative vision and stellar networking skills, as well as being a generally genuine and true person that your clients love working with.

Charlotte has accomplished every dream I currently have for myself and has even started her own brand of cosmetics that is seriously SMASHING (imagine that in a dreamy Brit accent). I have to say, I’m truly grateful to have been given a mix of talent, luck and ambition that has finally gotten me to Los Angeles where I can really begin my journey.


via @MDMAmakeup on Instagram

I met her again at Nordstrom the day after, and I had a chance to get her advice about a lot of things, as well as learn all about her makeup and skincare line she has. She has me obsessed with her “magic cream” and I’m yet to even try it! Her products vill a void in an immensely saturated industry. Her videos are remarkably easy to follow and she’s downright fab. Check out her website at and keep your eyes open, her products may be available near you soon 😉