The Absolute BEST Makeup Sealing Spray

Guys, this is not a drill. This is the best makeup setting spray EVER. I will never use Fix+ again for setting makeup (I will still use it for other things).

Blue Marble Sealing Spray is a gift to all of us who spend time perfecting the masterpiece that is our face and who want it to last all night, or a lifetime.

I purchased from Nigel’s Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood. Turn’s out it’s not on Amazon (sorry prime users!) so here’s a link to Nigel’s as well as the company itself:




Never Have Tangled Wet Hair Again!

We’ve all seen the ad’s for this brush that detangles wet hair. I picked one up recently and here are my thoughts..

It’s freaking awesome and totally affordable. It’s one of those staples that should be in every household, especially those with small long-haired tangle-prone children.

Click here to order: http://amzn.to/1vq8ge0


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Serious Doubts About Creme De La Mer, Is it a HOAX?

Gel De La Mer

I feel a bit nervous to write this blog but I felt it needed to be put out there in hopes that some questions I have get answered.

First of all, I like La Mer. I use the Gel & Soft Creme myself and their concealer is wonderful. I have seen The Concentrate heal clients’ eczema and rosacea, therefore I believe in the product itself. Anything that costs $165/oz (The Soft Creme), $285/2oz (Gel de La Mer) and $425/1.7oz (The Concentrate) should probably create miracles, and it does according to all of the reviews. All 43 reviews from each store.

la mer concentrate reviews

Here’s the reason for my blog post. If you’re familiar with La Mer you’ve heard the story of it’s origins. If not, here’s how it goes..

The Creme de La Mer Story

There was a NASA Astrophysicist named Dr. Max Huber. He and his team suffered severe burns during a lab explosion. He dedicated the rest of his career to finding a cure for scars. He loved the ocean and noticed men working with sea kelp had normal sun damaged skin but their arms were pristine from handling the sea kelp. “It took 12 years and 6,000 experiments” of studying sea kelp (he played music, sounds of the ocean and pulsed light through it) but he finally made a potion that worked and called it “The Miracle Broth”. He added a special kind of  Mineral Oil (La Mer says the difference between their mineral oil and the kind you can get for a few dollars is “the difference between a fine aged wine and grape juice”- personal La Mer training experience) and other ingredients and made it into a cream and sold it in front of stores. “He would even eat it with a spoon to show people how natural it was”. The tale goes on to say that when he died, 90% of his scars were cured. To this day every jar of Creme de La Mer has some of the original batch of miracle broth in it. Hence the price.

Yeah Yeah Yeah… What an incredibly interesting story. They should make a movie! Except I had a recent revelation that makes me question the entire thing. Keep in mind, I’m not saying the creme isn’t wonderful. It is. I’m playing devil’s advocate for the validity of it’s origins. I tried doing research on this Max Huber guy. There is no information about him, any accomplishments at NASA or records of his existence beyond Estee Lauder websites (If you didn’t know, La Mer is an Estee Lauder brand), and various blogs that tell the same story I just did. It is said that his daughter sold the recipe to Estee Lauder who uses the exact recipe from Dr. Huber and it’s even created in Max Huber Research Laboratories. What you can’t find is his daughters name anywhere, or his obituary. When doing research I found their business listing on bizapedia.com. The company contact is Maureen Case, CEO of Estee Lauder. I like the advertisement on the side, it’s a nice touch.

max huber research laboratory

Their office looks amazing!

Max Huber Estee Lauder Parking Lot

Edit: The 7 Corporate Center Dr. Is also the building to the right (Estée Lauder headquarters)

The only photo of "Dr. Max Huber"

I’ve been searching for weeks for more information about the Huber family, the labs or even a single photo of Max Huber (maybe a before and after?!) but there is absolutely nothing except for 1 black and white photo of a man (with no scars). There is no family photos. No photos of him posing with a jar (surely there would be photos of that after working 12 years and 6,000 experiments.) There is no obituary. There are other Max Huber’s that were scientists from Switzerland and Germany but they have nothing to do with Creme de La Mer. It could literally be anyone. After all of these revelations and exhaustive research it is my personal opinion that the story is completely made up. It’s a nice skincare line that does give wonderful results and coming from a marketing background I can understand why Estee Lauder would create this lovely imagery to justify an insane price but I’m not buying it anymore and I don’t want anyone else to either until they can back up their claims. La Mer seems to be the biggest scam in the Beauty Industry.

Please do your own research and share this blog to raise awareness because it’s my hope that some information about this family, maybe another physicists name from this “lab explosion” at NASA would emerge.. I just think it is potentially the biggest lie in the cosmetics industry and had to share my thoughts. If he’s a physicist where was he educated? Does he have any remaining family? It’s my hope that this article will have people better experienced in research ask these questions and hopefully find some answers.

I will always ask questions on behalf of my clients and I realize this article will piss some people off. It’s truly not my intention. La Mer is a nice product that gives good results that I have personally experienced for myself and my clients. I just need some answers before I shell out my hard earned dollars to support a fairy tale.

I also want it to be known that I have worked alongside La Mer employees and they are trained on this background and have never questioned it. I don’t believe they are intentionally lying to anyone. I have been invited to La Mer trainings as well and I was drinking the punch until recently. When this product was launched in the 1990’s the internet wasn’t really a thing yet so I don’t think Lauder ever expected to be questioned. I think it’s a good time to bring up these questions now and demand proof. Please share this blog via social media. I’m not an expert at research but I hope this intrigues someone who is who can get some hard answers.

EDIT 8/24: Things I’m still searching for:

– newspaper article about lab explosion

– any photo of a jar of La Mer before Estee Lauder “purchased it”

– any photo of Max Huber with this cream

– any remaining family members

– NASA employee records

– Obituary

– College Degree

– Articles written about La Mer prior to Lauder acquisition


My (Personal) 5 minute Makeup Routine!

My (Personal) 5 minute Makeup Routine!

Must have’s for the perfect smokey eye!

Must have's for the perfect smokey eye!

Nars cosmetic

Trish McEvoy eyeliner

Nars cosmetic
$42 – liberty.co.uk

Trish McEvoy eyeshadow
$30 – liberty.co.uk

Nars cosmetic
$27 – johnlewis.com

Trish McEvoy eye makeup
$20 – liberty.co.uk

Best skincare for dry, dehydrated skin

Untitled #3

Clear Skin Regimen

Clear Skin Regimen

Men’s Essentials

Men's Essentials

Two Easy Ways to use Brow Pomade

People are really paying attention to brows these days. I’ve always said they are a lady’s best accessory! Most of you know about brow pencils and powders but there’s a newer product out now and it’s my favorite- Brow Pomade! Whether you have nice brows and just want them groomed and defined or you’re like me and have very thin brows and need all the help you can get, here’s how to use the stuff!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow (I’m using shade 15)
Lauren Luke Angled Eyeliner Brush (Trish #50 or MAC 266 also great- I just used the first one I pulled)
Sonia Kashuk Spoolie
Concealer of your choice and flat synthetic brush

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Why Organic Coconut Oil should be on your next shopping list


I feel there is a Coconut Craze among us. The superfood is everywhere and just as amazing as it’s popular predecessor Coconut Water (which is still extremely popular and delicious), Organic Coconut Oil is being raved about everywhere. I’ve been waiting a while to post a blog on this because I wanted to give it time to see various results. Everyone on this planet should have a jar in their house. Here’s why:

1. It’s inexpensive and has a million uses, which we will get to in a second but most importantly this isn’t something you have to stretch your wallet to obtain. Because of the popularity growing I can see inflation happening in the future because of demand. I order mine on Amazon and get a giant tub for under $15 (http://amzn.to/1h6UZ25).

2. I use it as a hair mask and it has saved my split ends as it has a naturally perfect pH to seal cuticle. Make sure you shampoo long afterward as it’s sometimes tricky to get out.

3. Cosmetic Purposes: I use this as a lip balm, eye mask (leave on for 15 minutes and tissue off),and a brow and lash nourisher (some say it grows them). I mix in glycolic acid and pack it on my feet before bed, I use it on my nail cuticles.. I also use it as a night cream and also on breakouts as it is deeply hydrating as is naturally anti-bacterial. Some websites disagree and say it’s very comedogenic and other websites say the opposite. My experience is that it only heals.

4. I eat it. This type of oil doesn’t turn to fat, it goes straight to your liver and cleanses it. Some people who eat it religiously (I’m not quite there yet) have lost weight from it. Other studies have claimed that it helps prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Oil-Pulling: Scoop a good amount into your mouth and leave it there. It will melt fairly fast and swish it around for 15-20 min. It will naturally whiten your teeth, heal cavities and toothaches and draw out bad bacteria from your gums preventing periodontal disease. <<That right there is definitely worth purchasing it.

6. Body cream- I use this on my body wherever I’ve just shaved. It calms down any would-be inflammation and leaves my skin soft, supple and smelling beachy. I love applying to my armpits especially before deodorant. I also love this on any irritation or to soothe my skin after a chemical peel.

7. Cooking! Did you know Olive Oil isn’t meant for cooking at high temperatures? This is why a lot of food gets burnt quickly. Coconut Oil can be cooked at a very high temperature making this the perfect healthy alternative to vegetable and olive oils.

8. Sunscreen!? Organic Coconut Oil has a natural sunscreen of SPF10, which is great for people who want to stay away from chemical sunscreens. Obviously 10 isn’t that high but it’s still pretty cool!

9. For you hippies… because of the natural antibacterial properties, the melt upon body heat and the taste and smell.. many people choose to use this as a lubricant. Haven’t gone that far to test, sorry.

10. Coconut oil kills yeast.. also haven’t tried but definitely would if that situation happens.

Seriously, make #OCO (I just made that up- think it will catch on?) part of your lifestyle! It’s not a trend, it’s just a wonderful product that does so many things for your health.


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