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Holy Mother of Massage! BelleCore Body Buffer Review!

bellecore baby belle body buffer

What I thought was an innocent stroll into Bloomingdales ended with a scary addition to my Amex bill. I blame it all on BelleCore Baby Belle Body Buffer (Say that 6 times fast..)! BelleCore is a body buffer/massage/heaven-deliverer that I’ve been using just over 2 months and the results are incredible.

First of all, I suffer from a condition that almost every person with Irish blood has, Keratosis Pilaris. It is a common skin condition that causes rough patches and small, acne-like bumps, usually on the arms, thighs, cheeks and buttocks ( I have it just a bit on the backs of my arms and occasionally thighs. The BelleCore buffer completely eliminated my keratosis pilaris!

Here is BelleCore’s description of how it works ( “Simply put, our bodybuffers simultaneously spin and zigzag back and forth, sending constant, concentrated energy into treated areas. This oscillating massage boosts blood and lymphatic flow, stimulates collagen formation and stretches fibrous tissues to improve elasticity – creating multiple benefits for your appearance and promoting a feeling of well-being.”

There is also a terrycloth pad on the machine that buffs away dead skin while it’s doing all of it’s other magic.

As a makeup artist, I’m constantly on my feet and have a lot of issues because of it. I have chronic knee pain, back pain and shoulder damage. While the BelleCore didn’t cure me of all my symptoms, my muscles have gotten SO much better the last month! It’s also reduced the appearance of thigh cellulite!

I’m not a sporty person, but many other reviews online are from people who participate in active sports and use this as a muscle treatment before and after workouts, including many professional sports trainers.

The third best thing about this product is that it’s literally the best massage tool I’ve ever used. I can’t convey on here how powerful it is, but it puts anything else found at Bed Bath Beyond or that mall store with all the electronic gadgets to shame!

There is only issue I’ve found with my BabyBelle, and it’s more of an annoyance than a problem. BelleCore does have to be plugged in when in use, and occasionally the cord comes unplugged and you have to reinsert it. Really not a big deal but I would like future models that use batteries or are rechargeable. Other than that, it’s definitely worth the splurge and the results are amazing. You can order the BabyBelle model I use through Amazon here, or if you’re feeling extra indulgent, or you’re into sports or fitness training you can order the full size HoneyBelle here.

belle core baby belle body buffer bellecore baby belle body buffer   bellecore baby belle body bufferbellecore baby belle body buffer bellecore baby belle body buffer



How to Correct Dark Circles Using Lipstick!

Here’s a trick I learned years ago and still use from time to time. Makeup artists take note! For most of you, if you’re only doing your own makeup it may be easier to just purchase a corrector in your tone. I like this trick because my skin tone fluctuates and I can mix with any shade concealer for a custom blend.

So Chaud by MAC is my all time favorite lipstick for doing this trick- I just couldn’t think of the name while recording. Any red/orange lipstick should do the trick. Make sure it’s an orange red vs a pink red.

Happy blending, bright eyes!

Products Used and Reviewed:

VueSet Lip Palette:
Dymo Label Maker:
Paw Palette:
Japonesque Foundation:
Beauty So Clean – YOU NEED THIS –
The Balm Concealer:
La Prarie Flamme/MAC So Chaud:

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Instantly Double Your Lashes by Adding Fibers!

I was recently at Naimie’s replenishing on some items for my kit when I stumbled upon this secret weapon of a product. It’s called Fast Lash by Japonesque.

Don’t get sucked into this Younique hype, any pro makeup artist is rolling their eyes at that company and companies like it.

If you’re wanting longer, fuller lashes permanently I recommend a growth serum such as Latisse, Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancer or NuLash.

For every once in a while this is fun for an extra boost. Be careful when applying as the brush is loaded with fibers. Since this video, I’ve been using disposable wands in the tube to put less bulk of the fibers on the lash.

Thanks for watching! Here’s a link to Amazon Prime:


eve pearl powderless powder

I have a feeling every person on this planet is going to be ordering this product. Let’s just get it out of the way: Going to the store tonight to get it before it’s sold out nationwide.

Update: I finally bought this and it’s unbelievably great. A Must Have to gently mask oil without totally mattifying and making things look flat. I’m recommending to every guy I know! Will do a video soon as well.

Trish McEvoy Makeup Tutorial & Review

So many of my essentials for myself, and my clients are by Trish McEvoy. I wanted to challenge myself to use all one line to do my face and show how great it is. The only thing I used that wasn’t Trish is the brow product (simply because I don’t yet own the Trish Brow Pencil!). What other brands do you want to see featured in a “One Brand Challenge” video?

Products used are:

Eye Base Essentials “Bare” (most popular color)
Instant Eye Lift
Intense Gel Pencil
Lash Curling Mascara
Treatment Foundation
Face Shaper
Barely Rose Lipliner
Precious Pink Lipstick

April Essentials

Ah, Spring is here, and not just in Sunny California. With the rest of the world catching up weather-wise to LA, it’s time to Spring clean more than your homes. April is a great time to go through your skincare and makeup and decide what products to retire.

Skin behaves totally different in the Spring and Summer than it does in the fall and winter, therefore your skincare should adjust as well. It’s a time to lighten up on product and show off your skin. Makeup goes lighter as well and there’s a ton of brand new launches that have me totally excited!

Here’s my Top 10 16 April Essentials (I really tried to narrow it down to 10 but I couldn’t!)


1. For Mind: A Korean Spa Day with Body Scrub (don’t be shy!)

korean spa los angeles body scrub

I recently had my second Korean Spa Experience and it was so much better than I ever could have imagined! I only opted for admission my first time, but getting the massage and body scrub was out of control. I never knew how much dead skin could be on me and they get every bit of it off. You leave feeling lighter and your skin will be so soft you’ll want everyone to touch you to see for themselves!

2. Trish McEvoy Blueberry Vanilla Soy Candle (I use it as a solid perfume) $20

trish mcevoy wild blueberry vanille candle solid perfume

You obviously need an indulging candle burning while you’re windows are open to the new warm air. This candle is heavenly and it’s no secret of mine I wear it as my solid perfume. It smells great layered with all my other fragrances. I scoop some out and take it with me in a contact case.

For Body:



3. Dr. Gross Smoothing Body Towels

dr gross smoothing body towel exfoliator ingrown hairs

I’ve talked about these before. You will have zero shaving irritation if you use these afterwards. Perfect since it’s time to start showing off your legs!

4. Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey Body Cream

jo malone nectarine blossom honey body cream lotion

The perfect Spring scent. I love it in the body cream because it feels extra-indulging, and smells great with most fragrances on it. I use my regular Ahava body lotion all over, and massage the nectarine cream on my arms, chest and neck.

5. Deborah Lippmann Rich Girl SPF 25 Hand Cream

deborah lippmann spf25 hand cream lotion

Hands are one of the first places that show your age, and the #1 most neglected place on your body when it comes to sun protection and anti-aging. Be ready for the sun with soft, protected hands from the genius Miss Lippmann.

For Nails:


6. Deborah Lippmann Nail Buffer

deborah lippmann nail buffer nail file

When I think Spring Makeup, I always think less is more. It’s the time to feel fresh and naturally beautiful. I love this product because it makes you look freshly manicured in just seconds per nail. No top-coat necessary.

7. Deborah Lippmann “Spring Buds” Nail Polish

deborah lippmann spring buds nail polish mint green

The BEST Spring Color!

For Eyes:

8. Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara

trish tubing mascara mcevoy high volume blinc

The world’s most perfect mascara. Won’t sweat off, cry off or flake off, yet you use only hot water to remove it by gently pinching. The ultimate Spring-Break must have!

9. MAC Pro Mixing Medium Shine

mixing medium shine mac cosmetics makeup artist glowmac cosmetics mixing medium shine

I love this product for quick glossy eyes (nothing else!) and cheekbones. Theres about a hundred other uses for it as well but for most readers it will be your holy grail of glow.


10. YSL Kiss and Blush

ysl kiss and blush

Matte Lip “Gloss” that can be used as a blush? I’ll take every color TYVM. It’s long lasting, soft velvety texture had me head over heels.

11. Clarins Lip Balm Crayon (coming soon)

clarins lip balm crayon

Must. Have. Every. One.

Perfect Skin:

12. Chanel Resynchronizing Skincare

chanel resynchronizing skincare le jour la nuit le weekend

I kept trying to eliminate this from the list, but I really love it. Le Jour can be used as a daily serum or even as your solo moisturizer (if you’re extra oily). This quick product (in the serum family yet not quite a serum) soaks right into your skin giving you an instant glow and daily exfoliation with Salycilic acid. Great for controlling oil. At night, La Nuit has encapsulated hyaluronic acid to burst hydration all night long, and on the weekends ditch all your skincare and wear only Le Weekend. It’s glycolic acid base gives you a gentle chemical peel all weekend and saves precious time you could be spending brunching!!

13. Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum (Pure Hyaluronic Plumping Magic Juice!) & Cream (has primer built in and doubles as a hydrating plumping mask- lush!)

trish mcevoy beauty booster serum face anti-wrinkle brightening hyaluronic acid ronald shermantrish mcevoy beauty booster anti-fatique mask moisturizer

These products belong in every woman’s Medicine Cabinet! Beauty Booster Serum is an instant facial/botox/callitwhatyouwill in a bottle. 3-4 drops daily under your moisturizer plump out existing fine lines immediately and prevent new ones. The fact it has one of the highest percentages of pure hyaluronic on the market means it boosts your moisturizer into hyperdrive and acts like a magnet pulling it deeper into the skin and holding it there (fun fact: Hyaluronic Acid holds 1000x its weight in water!). Beauty Booster cream can be used as your daily AM/PM Moisturizer, your makeup primer or as your hydrating moisture mask (my favorite thing about it!). I’m a sucker for products that have multiple functions and products that are no BS. These two are winners.

14. La Mer SPF 50 Sunscreen/Primer

la mer spf 50 spf50 fluid

Awesome as a solo-SPF50 (photographs without a grey cast), makes an awesome makeup primer as well. Not to mention it has the miracle broth La Mer is known for.

Get your glow on:


14. Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #10 if you’re medium-dark (my favorite), #2 if you’re light to medium

giorgio armani fluid sheer liquid bronzer

This is an amazing product to use alone for an all over glow. It doesn’t look like makeup, it just looks completely radiant. I use this by itself, I use it under my foundation, and I use it mixed with my foundation when I start to get a bit more color.

15. Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation

make up for ever face and body foundation

I recently fell back in love with this foundation. It’s gorgeous and starts with a tinted-moisturizer-like cover, when you add a second layer it becomes more full coverage all while maintaining the appearance of actual skin.

16. Xen Tan Sparkle!

xen tan sparkle self tanner best tan natural

Within a week I went from “Oh you’re so fair!” to “wow you are so tan!”. Since my undertone is a weird Golden Olive, I tend to look mint green when I’m pale. I’ll never be without this gorgeous stuff ever again!



What “dark circles” really are and how you can lose them!

Dark Circles are a pain in the ass! They happen due to blood pooling under the thin skin below our eyes. Here’s how to fix them!

Clarisonic Opal (not shown):
La Prarie Anti Aging Eye Cream with Platinum Wand
Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift:
Dior Skinflash

Trish McEvoy Liquid Face Color

Trish McEvoy Treatment Foundation (and in case you are wondering why the color looks wack- I had just done a self tan treatment on my body and the color hadn’t set in yet. Near the end of the video you’ll see how it matches)

Lipliner is Bobbi Brown’s Ballet Pink:

Thanks for watching!

A few of my favorite things… from Trish McEvoy!

trish mcevoy cosmetics

If I’ve ever done your makeup I’ve surely used Trish product on you. The brand, solely owned by Trish herself, is constantly adapting and becoming a household name. What sets Trish aside from other brands is the education behind the product. That’s why I have been so drawn to it over the years. Besides that, every product works wonders and is designed for women to be able to use even if they aren’t naturall blessed with the makeup gene. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a pro makeup artist, there are essentials that beat out every other brand and I show them in my newest tutorial.



Why I love creme blush (you should too!).

Next time you’re on the hunt for a blush, challenge yourself and pick up a creme one. You can apply them with almost any type of foundation brush (a small stipple brush is my favorite) or your fingers.

My current and all time favorite creme blushes are:

La Prarie, Chanel, YSL, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, MAC Creme Blush and NARS Multiple Sticks.

Check out my demo for more tips!