For all the Anti-Aging we do… why do we neglect the skin below our neck?

When is the last time you thought about anti-aging for your body? We spend so much time and money stressing over our face and yet our bodies show how old we are just as much, if not more. I have recently made it my mission to be just as conscious about my body and skin below my chin.

madonna old skin

Let’s think about what signs of aging our bodies show:

Sagging Skin, wrinkles, thinning skin, sun damage from years prior, age spots, veins, cellulite.. must I go on?

Elbows and Hands are the first places that show age!

Jennifer Aniston Elbow

If we are using so many peels, serums, cremes to keep our faces young, we should be doing similar treatments to our bodies. Of all the skincare I’ve put my clients in the last 2 years, the things no one wants to splurge on are body products. I get it- I’ve been you. I still am you in some sense.

Here’s why I (and I assume others) have blown it off:

1. The Time!! Who has the time? I have to force myself to put lotion on because it takes forever and I’m cold after the shower.

2. Product Education. I never condone running and buying something skin related because you saw an ad for it. Skincare is something that needs to be customized to you. That said, we do spend so much attention on our face because we are constantly seeing ad’s for skincare, hearing about new procedures in the news and comparing ourselves to our favorite celebs. We just don’t hear about body products.

Flashback: Remember that scene in Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep was talking about the blue scarf? She talked about it coming from the top designers and trickling down into department stores and eventually bargain bins? It’s the same with the Beauty Industry. The top beauty companies, say Estee Lauder for example, spend millions of dollars to research a particular product and after launching a new product with one of their brands (i.e. Origins, La Mer, Aveda..), then companies like P&G will launch cheap alternatives with one of their brands and pay to market it and thats what you’re seeing ads from. It’s going to take drugstore brands to start marketing “luxury” lotions or body serums in order for people to start becoming more aware.

3. It doesn’t seem as important.

All of this is crazy. We should love our bodies as much as our face and take the time to treat our skin equally! Here’s some of the best products I’ve found, recommend (and currently use):

Body Exfoliation

(These products kill those stubborn clogged hair follicles that make skin bumpy and gross!)

1. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Body Towels

These have saved my legs. I use them about 2-3 times a week after the shower and before I put lotion on. Zero ingrown hairs anymore.

2. Kate Somerville Exfolikate Body

Exfolikate face is super famous, and it’s body sidekick is quickly becoming the world’s most popular body exfoliator. Try it!!

3. Mario Badescu AHA Body Wash

For $8 you can’t find a better AHA Body Wash! This helps exfoliate on a daily basis. Although it’s on and off your skin in a flash this really helps if you’re someone who somehow produces a lot of dead skin or if you have body acne problems.

Anti-Aging Moisturizers for Body

1. Ahava Body Lotion

My ultimate favorite body lotion for simple upgraded skincare

ahava dead sea body anti-aging moisturizer

2. Kate Somerville Nourish Body Lotion

I’ve been using this one for a week now and my skin is so supple and soft. It absorbs right away as well.

3. Arcona Pumpkin Lotion 10%

This one is AMAZING. I mixed it into my Ahava body lotion so it’s a bit diluted and pumps out better.

4. La Mer Reparative Body Lotion

Need I say more?

la mer reparative body lotion anti-aging

5. Shiseido Future Solutions Body Cream

Ultimate in Luxury Body Cream. This will lift, Firm, and give you back decades.

anti-aging body cream shiseido future solutions lx body

6. Amorepacific ‘Time Response’ Hand Cream/Bobbi Brown Hand Cream/ La Mer  ‘The Hand Treatment’/ Diptyque Hand Balm

Amore Pacific is great because you don’t need to reapply. Bobbi’s is heavenly for me as I destroy my hands with sanitizer and washing all day long. La Mer is really reparative, Diptyque’s feels like silk. Choose one, use it.


7. Glytone Foot Cream (This stuff is unreal. Dead skin will just fall off in the shower the next morning. Sounds gross but whatever it’s true.)

Targeted Treatment

1. Kate Somerville D-Scar makes even the oldest scars fade not only in color, but in texture as well.

kate somerville d-scar, get rid of scars, anti-aging skincare

2. Glycolic/Salycilic Acid Peels on your body eliminate clogged pores and give you fresh younger skin. 

What covers imperfections best? Color!

1. St. Tropez Foaming Self-Tanner with Mitt

2. Gleam by Melanie Mills

body makeup, glowing skin, gleam, melanie mills, makeup artist, tanned legs, dancing with the stars, pro discount

What is the most anti-aging you can do for your body after all of this?

S U N S C R E E N – if you’re doing anything with AHA’s (acids), you have to use sunscreen or you will make yourself more susceptible to sunburns and skin cancer. 

1. Supergoop SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray. For the laziest of lazy this just sprays on and you’re good to go. use it as a “topcoat” over your anti-aging body lotion.

supergoop, sunscreen, spf 50, broad spectrum, uva,uvb, sunscreen spray, vacation, abroad

I’m so sick of being pale (but I’m terrified of the sun!)

I hear the same phrase on a daily basis now and it’s making me reevaluate what my insecurities are. Overly tanned skin is so faux-pas now, so why do I still feel insulted when people tell me how wonderfully FAIR my skin is?! I know it is meant in the best intentions but it stings so much!

Studying skincare so heavily the last couple of years, I am now fully committed to only going outdoors with my sunscreen on. I vow not to lay in a tanning bed ever again, although I do succumb to versa spas from time to time!

Being a beauty stylist at Nordstrom, I have the faux-tan world at my fingertips. I’m very lucky, but I’m also a realist. If it takes time, commitment, and any sort of process it’s just not for me (if you’re into it, more power to you!). When I decided to color my hair rose gold, it was done 12 hours later, and when I’m having an insecure, “Ew I’m so pale!” moment I want to be a bronze goddess, NOW. Some people look amazing super fair, I’m just not that fortunate.

Here’s my go-to favorites and techniques to get instant tan for a last minute hot date (you never know- you may have met a ridiculously hot British guy the night before), or just a “I don’t want to feel gross and pasty” day.

1) CLARINS Intense Bronze Self-Tanning Tint $35 (Nordstrom, Amazon)

What I love about this product is the intensity, the consistency and how fast it does the trick. It’s like TAN JUICE. I love this paired with Shiseido cotton, which is a thicker cotton that doesn’t fall apart, and ends up being the same as fancy drugstore cotton per pad ($9 for 160 pads). Just swipe it over the face, neck and decollate. It’s also wonderful for people suffering from vitiligo as it can be poured into a rollerball (usually for perfume on the go), and rolled over the skin where pigment is lighter.

I’m swanky sometimes, so I like to put this stuff in my airbrush machine and give myself a spray tan!

Lately, because I feel icky and pale but don’t like long processes, I’ve been adding this to my Chanel La Nuit night creme (order through me via Nordstrom for a free gift) and waking up with color!

2) St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse and Mitt (Nordstrom, Amazon)

This is my ultimate favorite full-body, in-a-hurry tan. Exfoliate skin right before use in the shower with Kate Somerville Exfoliate Body, or Arcona Fruit Enzyme Body Scrub. Dry off and chemically exfoliate. Here’s two ways.

These Body Exfoliating Wipes from Dr. Gross are by far the best body product I’ve ever purchased. If you have a buildup of dead skin on your legs you can get what looks like little clogged pores, red dots, and ingrown hairs. Wipe these pads over your body 1-2 times weekly before lotion. I promise you’ll see a result the first time you use it. Especially if you’re ingrown-hair prone around the bikini line or thighs. The acid exfoliates everything and seals the follicle so it’s bye-bye irritation. Afterwards I use Arcona Pumpkin Lotion (10% Glycolic Acid!) mixed with Ahava body lotion because it helps with ingrown hairs, lightening scars and keeps skin smooth! Go about your day and at night Pump the tanning foam onto the mitt and start applying. The mitt keeps your hands from becoming tan and ensures a completely even application. The whole process takes me about 5 minutes from feet to neck. Sometimes I use it on my face, but I prefer the Clarins for that. Just to ensure I don’t get this on the sheets, I use my T3 Hair Dryer to quickly set it on my body. Wake up, rinse off, look like you went on vacation! This stuff is the bomb.

3) Soleil tan de Chanel

When these products just aren’t enough and you want to look REALLY TAN, fake it with your primer. I use the Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel that has built in color. It washes off, but the tan you’ve done underneath wont! (I can send via Nordstrom, with a gift!)

4) GLEAM by Melanie Mills (Amazon, Melanie’s Website)

And after you’re all bronzed and beautiful, you want to give those legs and arms an amazing glow, and look like JLO in photos- use GLEAM by Melanie Mills. She was the makeup artist for Dancing with the Stars and now sells her amazing body glow to all of us! I love it- it’s definitely on my legs every time I show skin (I use Rose Gold).



To Celebrate NARS Cosmetics 20th year, they just released the NARScissist Palette

To Celebrate NARS Cosmetics 20th year, they just released the NARScissit Palette

15 Classic NARS Cosmetics Eyeshadow Shades available at Nordstrom and NARSCosmetics.com. I have about 30 available for my clients but it just went viral so these will be going soon.

Colors include:
All About Eve I, Madrague II, Fez, Bali, Coconut Grove
Madrague I, Nepal, Ashes to Ashes, Brousse II, Mekong
Bellissima I, Lhasa, Deep Pewter, Dogon II, Pandora II

Email me to reserve one- MDMAmakeup@gmail.com.

How to create a “Cut Crease”

I dare you to try this look! It’s a classic makeup effect called a cut crease and is very simple to create at home as long as you have the right brush. For this look I used MAC Paint Pot in Nubile (painterly works just as well) topped with MAC Shadow in Brule. I popped a bit of NARS Pandora (white) in the center.

The shape will be different on everyone but there’s a simple rule of thumb to follow.

1. Look straight ahead in the mirror and see where your eyelid crease is naturally.

2. With an angled brush (I used a MAC 266), take a dark shadow (NARS Pandora Black) and tap the shadow into place like a cat eye until it jets out just a few millimeters from where the crease falls. Trace just a few mm above the crease in a natural line and drag over without worrying about putting more shadow on the brush.

3. Use a small shadow brush (MAC 239) and in a light/medium brown or grey (MAC Saddle) blend the crease you made up leaving the line semi-sharp on the bottom until you get the desired gradient effect.

4. You can make the cut crease more dramatic by adding a sharpened kohl liner to it just on the corners and barely blending it.

Here is a great video tutorial by Gossmakeupartist that can show you in more detail exactly how to create this great look. Good luck!

**This look is super interesting on asian eyes because it transforms the entire face. Rather than going just above the natural crease, you can put the crease where you think it would look the best and it gives you a very westernized, dramatic look. Harder to do but worth the drama when you get it right!

Wrath of blog posts are about to occur…

I have finally decided to throw in the hat and go with WordPress. I don’t know why I’m so sad about it as I think tumblr is so fun, cute and easy- but I have to face the facts and Tumblr has horrible SEO/SEM. I like how artsy everything is on it and the “follow” feature for other artists but I do makeup because I love it and it’s the career path I chose so when people type “makeup artist for weddings st. Louis” (or wherever I go) in google I want to show up number one. WordPress dominates google so much so that when I did a google search for Val Garland photos I posted on this blog a year ago show up first.

Long story short I’m going to be copying and pasting all of my blog posts over to WordPress so if it looks strange that all of these are posted on the same day that is why. I also changed my YouTube channel tonight to @makeupishaute rather than meganishaute. I will leave the old one up but since a couple of my videos had copyrighted music in them I am ineligible for “monetezation” on my makeup tutorials. Oh well! Subscribe to me here.


Why “makeupishaute”?

Every bit of my life has always been encompassed by art and it only seems fit that I’m all grown up and makeup artistry is my career. I almost feel bad because I’m not one of those people that are pissed about having to go into work. I love what I do. I love making people feel good about themselves and there is something very therapeutic about picking up a brush and transforming a shy man or woman into a sexier, more confident version of themselves.

Something I strive for is to not leave my clients clueless with a ton of product. I don’t want them to get home and ask themselves what the hell they are doing. Anyone can be good at makeup and that’s why I decided to share my story and my passion with everyone. I’ve done a few tutorials so far, but I’m going to be doing much more in the future as well as posting must have’s tested by ME. I will be updating this blog with the newest products, trends and how-to’s in cosmetics and skincare and if it’s good enough to make it onto this blog then you better believe you need to go out and buy it because I’m not easy to impress.

New Blog, New Outlook!

Last year I began Makeup is Haute to help people express themselves through makeup. I offered tips, tricks and instructional videos to assist people in becoming comfortable with the world of makeup. Problem was, I wasn’t dedicated enough to the blog. Days turned to weeks turned to months of not updating, and it became pointless to continue because of the lack of consistency.

Makeup truly is my passion and I love expressing my creativity as well as helping people out. Here you can find all my latest discoveries, experiments and videos. I encourage you to play along or send me challenges as I am always looking for motivation to become better.