Why “makeupishaute”?

Every bit of my life has always been encompassed by art and it only seems fit that I’m all grown up and makeup artistry is my career. I almost feel bad because I’m not one of those people that are pissed about having to go into work. I love what I do. I love making people feel good about themselves and there is something very therapeutic about picking up a brush and transforming a shy man or woman into a sexier, more confident version of themselves.

Something I strive for is to not leave my clients clueless with a ton of product. I don’t want them to get home and ask themselves what the hell they are doing. Anyone can be good at makeup and that’s why I decided to share my story and my passion with everyone. I’ve done a few tutorials so far, but I’m going to be doing much more in the future as well as posting must have’s tested by ME. I will be updating this blog with the newest products, trends and how-to’s in cosmetics and skincare and if it’s good enough to make it onto this blog then you better believe you need to go out and buy it because I’m not easy to impress.

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