How to create a “Cut Crease”

I dare you to try this look! It’s a classic makeup effect called a cut crease and is very simple to create at home as long as you have the right brush. For this look I used MAC Paint Pot in Nubile (painterly works just as well) topped with MAC Shadow in Brule. I popped a bit of NARS Pandora (white) in the center.

The shape will be different on everyone but there’s a simple rule of thumb to follow.

1. Look straight ahead in the mirror and see where your eyelid crease is naturally.

2. With an angled brush (I used a MAC 266), take a dark shadow (NARS Pandora Black) and tap the shadow into place like a cat eye until it jets out just a few millimeters from where the crease falls. Trace just a few mm above the crease in a natural line and drag over without worrying about putting more shadow on the brush.

3. Use a small shadow brush (MAC 239) and in a light/medium brown or grey (MAC Saddle) blend the crease you made up leaving the line semi-sharp on the bottom until you get the desired gradient effect.

4. You can make the cut crease more dramatic by adding a sharpened kohl liner to it just on the corners and barely blending it.

Here is a great video tutorial by Gossmakeupartist that can show you in more detail exactly how to create this great look. Good luck!

**This look is super interesting on asian eyes because it transforms the entire face. Rather than going just above the natural crease, you can put the crease where you think it would look the best and it gives you a very westernized, dramatic look. Harder to do but worth the drama when you get it right!

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