I’m so sick of being pale (but I’m terrified of the sun!)

I hear the same phrase on a daily basis now and it’s making me reevaluate what my insecurities are. Overly tanned skin is so faux-pas now, so why do I still feel insulted when people tell me how wonderfully FAIR my skin is?! I know it is meant in the best intentions but it stings so much!

Studying skincare so heavily the last couple of years, I am now fully committed to only going outdoors with my sunscreen on. I vow not to lay in a tanning bed ever again, although I do succumb to versa spas from time to time!

Being a beauty stylist at Nordstrom, I have the faux-tan world at my fingertips. I’m very lucky, but I’m also a realist. If it takes time, commitment, and any sort of process it’s just not for me (if you’re into it, more power to you!). When I decided to color my hair rose gold, it was done 12 hours later, and when I’m having an insecure, “Ew I’m so pale!” moment I want to be a bronze goddess, NOW. Some people look amazing super fair, I’m just not that fortunate.

Here’s my go-to favorites and techniques to get instant tan for a last minute hot date (you never know- you may have met a ridiculously hot British guy the night before), or just a “I don’t want to feel gross and pasty” day.

1) CLARINS Intense Bronze Self-Tanning Tint $35 (Nordstrom, Amazon)

What I love about this product is the intensity, the consistency and how fast it does the trick. It’s like TAN JUICE. I love this paired with Shiseido cotton, which is a thicker cotton that doesn’t fall apart, and ends up being the same as fancy drugstore cotton per pad ($9 for 160 pads). Just swipe it over the face, neck and decollate. It’s also wonderful for people suffering from vitiligo as it can be poured into a rollerball (usually for perfume on the go), and rolled over the skin where pigment is lighter.

I’m swanky sometimes, so I like to put this stuff in my airbrush machine and give myself a spray tan!

Lately, because I feel icky and pale but don’t like long processes, I’ve been adding this to my Chanel La Nuit night creme (order through me via Nordstrom for a free gift) and waking up with color!

2) St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse and Mitt (Nordstrom, Amazon)

This is my ultimate favorite full-body, in-a-hurry tan. Exfoliate skin right before use in the shower with Kate Somerville Exfoliate Body, or Arcona Fruit Enzyme Body Scrub. Dry off and chemically exfoliate. Here’s two ways.

These Body Exfoliating Wipes from Dr. Gross are by far the best body product I’ve ever purchased. If you have a buildup of dead skin on your legs you can get what looks like little clogged pores, red dots, and ingrown hairs. Wipe these pads over your body 1-2 times weekly before lotion. I promise you’ll see a result the first time you use it. Especially if you’re ingrown-hair prone around the bikini line or thighs. The acid exfoliates everything and seals the follicle so it’s bye-bye irritation. Afterwards I use Arcona Pumpkin Lotion (10% Glycolic Acid!) mixed with Ahava body lotion because it helps with ingrown hairs, lightening scars and keeps skin smooth! Go about your day and at night Pump the tanning foam onto the mitt and start applying. The mitt keeps your hands from becoming tan and ensures a completely even application. The whole process takes me about 5 minutes from feet to neck. Sometimes I use it on my face, but I prefer the Clarins for that. Just to ensure I don’t get this on the sheets, I use my T3 Hair Dryer to quickly set it on my body. Wake up, rinse off, look like you went on vacation! This stuff is the bomb.

3) Soleil tan de Chanel

When these products just aren’t enough and you want to look REALLY TAN, fake it with your primer. I use the Chanel Soleil tan de Chanel that has built in color. It washes off, but the tan you’ve done underneath wont! (I can send via Nordstrom, with a gift!)

4) GLEAM by Melanie Mills (Amazon, Melanie’s Website)

And after you’re all bronzed and beautiful, you want to give those legs and arms an amazing glow, and look like JLO in photos- use GLEAM by Melanie Mills. She was the makeup artist for Dancing with the Stars and now sells her amazing body glow to all of us! I love it- it’s definitely on my legs every time I show skin (I use Rose Gold).



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