Wrath of blog posts are about to occur…

I have finally decided to throw in the hat and go with WordPress. I don’t know why I’m so sad about it as I think tumblr is so fun, cute and easy- but I have to face the facts and Tumblr has horrible SEO/SEM. I like how artsy everything is on it and the “follow” feature for other artists but I do makeup because I love it and it’s the career path I chose so when people type “makeup artist for weddings st. Louis” (or wherever I go) in google I want to show up number one. WordPress dominates google so much so that when I did a google search for Val Garland photos I posted on this blog a year ago show up first.

Long story short I’m going to be copying and pasting all of my blog posts over to WordPress so if it looks strange that all of these are posted on the same day that is why. I also changed my YouTube channel tonight to @makeupishaute rather than meganishaute. I will leave the old one up but since a couple of my videos had copyrighted music in them I am ineligible for “monetezation” on my makeup tutorials. Oh well! Subscribe to me here.


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