be Wary of Wen!

I am always on the lookout for my clients and readers. I’m also an ingredient snob so I thought this post was right up Beauty Styled’s alley! Read and be wary!

the hair care line Wen seems to be all the rage recently. it’s promoted as this natural hair care line that is full of magic and that will leave you with supermodel hair! (ok, i took that a little too far… but i feel as though that’s really what they want you to think).

a lot of crunchies and low-‘poo-ers (and let’s face it… regular shampoo-ers, too) have fallen for this spotty advertisement.

i’m oooonly doing this post because i’ve had quite a few readers ask about it. plus, i’m seeing it promoted by everyone and their moms everywhere.

wen isn't everything it's cracked up to be - why you should be wary of wen!what is wen?

wen is a hair care line with natural ingredients that’s advertised by the company to be sulfate and petrochemical free. oh man, gimme a minute to laugh at them…
ARE YOU KIDDING?! anyone can take a quick glance at their “key” ingredients lists that blows that lie right…

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