I met Makeup icon Charlotte Tilbury (oh, and I moved to Los Angeles)!!!

Wow. In the last week I’ve turned a year older, did my first official LA red carpet makeup for the Golden Globes, and most importantly met one of the people I look up to the most with my career and aspirations. I ran into Charlotte Tilbury, a very famous makeup artist from London, at a Golden Globes after party. Amidst all the stars I spotted her from across the room and couldn’t resist an introduction. Charlotte, along with artists like Val Garland, Kevyn Aucoin, Gregory Arlt, and Ve Neil, is someone who has changed the beauty industry. I say beauty rather than makeup because so many ideas about beauty in general, high end makeup, red carpet looks at work, etc. have been brought forward by these innovative and talented artists. The secret mystique of celebrity beauty has gone from being Hollywood Secret to easily discovered via books, backstage videos, and even youtube videos from artists themselves.

A new respect for the makeup artist profession has emerged over the last decade and specifically the last few years. It’s one of the most sought after careers these days but it’s a job based not only on talent you truly have to be born with, but also creative vision and stellar networking skills, as well as being a generally genuine and true person that your clients love working with.

Charlotte has accomplished every dream I currently have for myself and has even started her own brand of cosmetics that is seriously SMASHING (imagine that in a dreamy Brit accent). I have to say, I’m truly grateful to have been given a mix of talent, luck and ambition that has finally gotten me to Los Angeles where I can really begin my journey.


via @MDMAmakeup on Instagram

I met her again at Nordstrom the day after, and I had a chance to get her advice about a lot of things, as well as learn all about her makeup and skincare line she has. She has me obsessed with her “magic cream” and I’m yet to even try it! Her products vill a void in an immensely saturated industry. Her videos are remarkably easy to follow and she’s downright fab. Check out her website at http://www.CharlotteTilbury.com and keep your eyes open, her products may be available near you soon 😉

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