I went to my first Korean Spa… and lived to tell the tale!

Lately I’ve been working so much that all I do when I get home is sleep. I feel like I’m missing out on so many awesome things I could be doing. I promised myself that on my next day off I would accomplish 2 things: Laundry and KOREAN SPA!

Let’s just say I accomplished 50% of that.

When I first moved to LA someone told me about Korean Spas. I was told it was under $20 to get in and you can spend all day there and even sleep there if you want. There are pools and saunas and mud masks and they scrub you down etc. I was all about it.

After planning which spa had the best deals via Yelp.com, we chose Natura Spa in the heart of Koreatown, LA. I met a new friend there and after figuring out parking during the beginning of rush hour, we were ready to be pampered. Having lived in NYC before Los Angeles, my friend had been to a Korean Spa before and told me to bring different skincare products like masks and peels, as well as a bathing suit. As we entered the spa we were immediately greeted by super Korean women that asked us what services we wanted. The way it works is that you pay admission, but then the admission gets waived if you buy 2 or more services.

They offer services for men and women (men’s spa is totally separate, there are no co-ed areas).

Womens Services Included (taken from www.Natura-Spa.com):

B O D Y   C A R E

Body Scrub$30 + $15 Admission Fee

Massage$40 + $15 Admission Fee

Scrub & Massage$80 + Admission fee waived

Aroma Package$100 + Admission fee waived

Silver Package$130 + Admission fee waived    


30 min. Session $30 + $10 Admission fee

55 min. Session $55 + Admission fee waived

85 min. Session $80 + Admission fee waived

110 min. Session $110 + Admission fee waived   

A C U P R E S S U R E   W I T H   O I L

30 min. Session $35 + $10 Admission fee

55 min. Session $70 + Admission fee waived

85 min. Session $105 + Admission fee waived

110 min. Session $140 + Admission fee waived    

F O O T   M A S S A G E

30 min. Session $30 + $10 Admission fee

55 min. Session $55 + Admission fee waived    

S K I N   C A R E

Regular $60 + Admission fee waived

Special $100 + Admission fee waived

Special Plus $130 + Admission fee waived    

N A I L   S E R V I C E S

Color Only $10

Manicure $15

Pedicure $25    

T A N N I N G   B E D

1 Session $15

Since it was my first time there, I wanted to know what I was getting myself into so I opted for no extra services and just the admission fee. They handed us each a wrist band with a key attached for our lockers. As I undressed and began to put my bathing suit on as privately as possible in a room full of naked women, my friend then said to me, “I don’t know if bathing suits are allowed. Some spas don’t allow them.”

My reaction:

As I approached the entrance to the spa pools, there it was…  a sign that said “No Swimsuits beyond this point”

As I looked around, no one seemed to care whatsoever. There were so many naked people I had to tell myself that I would be drawing more attention to myself if I didn’t go along with it. I walked back over to my locker, slowly removed my swimsuit under my robe, and began my journey.

My friend was all about it. In a split second she was robed then, BAM! We just got to know each other very quickly. Her bravery and self confidence was super inspiring so I dropped my robe then immediately turned the shower on, grasping my girls. I felt like everyone was staring at me, that was, until I noticed they weren’t. No one cared. There were boobs and vaginas everywhere! I suddenly felt like I was part of this secret sisterhood of liberated free females! I felt so empowered! I COULD BE NAKED IN FRONT OF STRANGERS.

The first place we went after showering was straight to the first hot tub. It was like taking a bath with my friend, but in a totally normal way (?!). As I began to relax, and more and more boobs crossed my vision, I began to realize how dependent upon covering ourselves up we are. Literally everyone in that room had the same number of breasts, the same piping, lots of love handles, and apparently open minds. It was not only physically rejuvenating, but also psychologically. I felt more accepting of my flaws than I have in a while. I also felt much more cultured.

The next hour or so we went from hot tub to freezing tub to hot tub to steam room to sauna to clay room, back to freezing tub and so on. We took a break from all this nekkedness to do a face mask and have some fresh juice. My friend had fresh grapefruit juice and I had strawberry and kiwi juice. We relaxed, watched some Korean soap opera and then went back for a final dip. After feeling totally comfortable and not self conscious before, the fear returned all over again. I ignored it, showered, got super naked again for a while then showered again before drying my hair and getting clothed (thank god!).

The experience was so different for me, and had to be one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Ultimately it was awesome and I look forward to it again in the near future. My skin is glowing, my pores are non-existent and I feel like a stronger woman.


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