Product Review: NARS Larger Than Life Eyeliner

I have been obsessed over this eyeliner since this past February so I figured I would spread the love by letting my subscribers know what the deal is. The liner is perfect for waterlines and stays put ALL day. ALL night. Basically it comes off when you want it off. I have heard some people have trouble getting it off but those are the ‘take my makeup off with soap and water’ people. With any basic eye makeup remover or makeup removing wipes you will be just fine.

Product Review: John Frieda Precision Foam Haircolor

The color I used was 10B UltraLight Beige Blonde.

I was extremely happy with the result because of the color, condition it left my hair and the dimension. I would like to add that getting hair re-colored after using this product was a nightmare. I tried tinting my hair a light pale pink and spent over 5 hours in a hair salon because it simply wouldn’t grab onto the color. Finally the only product that had any effect on my hair was cheap manic panic from Sally’s (although the color did turn out quite fabulous). Because of the nightmare of trying to recolor I give this product only 3 stars.

If you’re going to continue using it on your roots I’m sure you’ll have better luck than I did.

3D Face Effects (Lady Gaga Born this Way Tutorial)

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Video tutorial on how to manipulate light in order to create Lady Gaga’s famous look from the “Born this Way” music video. I create protruding bones coming from 4 places on my face.

I was obviously drinking a bunch of wine at the time and made the mistake of calling my brushes by the wrong name. The first brush was indeed the #214. The pencil brush was the #219 by MAC. I kept calling it 214 and 217. Sorry.