Hangover Makeup.

There are a lot of times I’m sure (at least for me) when you would rather sleep than get ready and spend all day regretting it. If you can give yourself 5 minutes this routine could change your life… not kidding. I used all staple products that can have you nearly catwalk ready in a jif-

Behold (p.s. I was actually hungover for this)…

Prep + Prime Face
Face + Body Foundation
Select Cover-Up
Mineralize Skin Finish (face color)
Mineralize Skin Finish (contour color)
Pinch O’ Peach Blush (personal fave!)
Rapidblack Penultimate Liquid Liner
Zoomfast Black Mascara
Brow Pencil

109 Brush (Contour/Blush)
188 Brush (Stipple)
195 Brush (Concealer)

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